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Children's book author Kim Norman in yet another unflattering photo. Hey, funny isn't always flattering. I'd rather be funny!

Children’s book author Kim Norman in yet another unflattering photo. Hey, funny isn’t always flattering. I’d rather be funny!

A school visit by a children’s book author is an exciting way to promote literacy. I love to visit schools and share with students the joys of writing and reading. After  more than ten years of doing author visits, I’ve spoken to over FIFTY THOUSAND STUDENTS at this point. Whew!
 Presentations for my author school visits are designed to follow the Virginia SOLs (Standards of Learning) as well as touching on important skills and ideas students and teachers can carry back to the classroom. Author visits for elementary schools are a bit different than those for middle schools, so–of course–I’m happy to tool presentations to meet the curricular needs of each school assembly. I have as much fun talking to round tables of Young Authors as I do at large school assemblies. See my rates and testimonials below, as well as a downloadable brochure (keep scrolling down!)
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It’s true. I make a lot of funny faces when I’m doing a school presentation. And I often close my programs for younger students with a song (listen to it here.) I like to think I at least sound pretty. As long as the kids have a good time and walk out of the program with new skills and knowledge, I’m happy!

So many faces, so little time.

So many faces, so little time.

Kim Norman’s 2016-2017


KimBrochureCover2016OUTSIDE MY LOCAL AREA of Smithfield, VA (beyond 80 miles):

$1300 per day, plus travel & lodging expenses
up to 3 SESSIONS per day, up to one hour per session
• Second day rate discounted by $400 per day for multi-day bookings. (In other words, I drop to my local rate of $900 per day for the second and all subsequent days when schools partner for the visits.)

LOCAL: (within 80 miles of Smithfield, Virginia, extending as far as Richmond area)…

$900 per day, no mileage expense
up to 3 SESSIONS per day, up to one hour per session
• Farther than 50 miles may require a hotel expense

REALLY LOCAL: (Hampton Roads area of Virginia)
I can come for as few as 2 sessions (for $600) but I do ask that sessions start no earlier than 9:30 a.m. and be spaced no more than 1 hour apart.

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SPEECHES: (Banquet, conference, keynote, etc.) Email or call me. Let’s talk!

Email for more info: kimnorman@mac.com
Phone: 757-357-6383

Assemblies always include plenty of fun audience participation.

Assemblies always include plenty of fun audience participation.



What educators are saying…

Thank you, educators and author visit coordinators for your kind words about my school assemblies!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the energy and enthusiasm you brought to our Reading Rainbow celebration at York College.  The smiles on the faces of those kids were a testament to your ability to both “talk the talk and walk the walk” with your audience.  It was both a pleasure and an honor to watch an expert in action – a fellow author who truly knows what engages kids.  What a WOW! experience!
Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you.  Thanks for all your sharing – what a grand and glorious day!
All Best, Tony Fredericks

Ms. Norman,
I met you when you came to visit us at Battlefield Elementary School and had lunch with the book club members.  You were wonderful!  The reason I am writing is that you met a young boy named Christian and he was given an autographed book and wonderful note from you.  He was so excited!  He said, “I’m one lucky boy!”.  You really touched him with your generosity.
Thank you so much for everything!
Gabby Pickover, Resource Teacher
Battlefield Elementary School, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Kim Norman’s author visit was a HUGE success for our kids and their families! We welcomed Kim at Gocio Elementary in Sarasota, Florida to visit our Partners in Print literacy night. What a thrill it was for our kids and their parents to meet a “real author!” They were engaged from the minute Kim started sharing her journey as a writer right through the reading of her wonderful books! Students were more than excited to take their new book home and share it with their other friends at school. This was one of the best family involvement activities of the year!
Susan Callahan Nations, Intervention Teacher

Gocio Elementary School, Sarasota, FL

My students were fascinated at the thought that we were really going to meet the writer of the stories we read in our class. She made us laugh & made us feel like she wrote her stories for us!
Megan Craig, kindergarten teacher

Veterans Elementary School, Hannibal, Missouri

The presentation was very engaging for both the students and teachers. Giving everyone a book was a nice added touch and surprise! Thanks!
Abby Wellen, Columbia Academy, Columbia, Maryland

Kim, your author visit was a BIG hit with the children at King and Queen Elementary! They were thrilled to meet a “real” author. I heard the 4th graders chattering for days afterwards about the reader’s theater performance and the “Evil Editor” pictures! Thanks again,
Mary Acree, Title One Reading Specialist

King and Queen Elementary School, Mattaponi, Virginia

I speak for all the second grade teachers when I say we loved it! Our students were very engaged and interested. Some of our students still talk about many of the things that they learned.
Christine Meredith, 2nd grade teacher,

Veterans Elementary School, Hannibal, Missouri

Your presentations were all wonderful, and our students and staff are still talking about you! Thank you for visiting Randolph. I am recommending you to other schools seeking author visits.
Carolyn Fleming, Librarian

Randolph Elementary School, Arlington, VA

Whether you’re in California or Colorado, Montana or Maryland (or somewhere in between!), contact Kim for an author visit:




Why do authors charge fees to visit schools?

Microphones help, but visiting authors still need to make sure their voices hold out for multiple days of visits. I spent so many years "belting" Broadway songs, un-mic'd onstage, sometimes I forget to let the microphone do some of the work!

Microphones help, but visiting authors still need to make sure their voices hold out for multiple days of visits. I spent so many years “belting” Broadway songs, un-mic’d onstage, sometimes I forget to let the microphone do some of the work!

A few years ago, I heard from an author, obviously a sincere and well-meaning person, who asked to be listed on a blog I maintain which lists visiting authors. The problem with her request is this: she does her presentations for free. She says she loves it so much that the children’s enjoyment is compensation enough, even if the school is a long drive from her home. I’m always sorry to turn down a request, so I wanted to give her my reasons. Here is my reply:

“Dear author,

Congratulations on your books. You sound like an upbeat, energetic person. For now, until you charge for your visits, I’m afraid I can’t list you on the website. This is a list for professionals who make a living not only writing their books, but also speaking to students about them. As long as you present for free, I’m afraid I’ll have to place you in the volunteer rather than professional category.

If you decide to begin charging, do let me know, and I’ll be pleased to add your link. I would encourage you to consider it. Your time and talents are worth something. And you may find that when you charge, you’re actually treated with more respect at the schools you visit. Not to mention that you’ll cover expenses such as gas and time spent on the road. (Five hours on the road to visit a school for free? Oh dear, you are a more generous person than I.)

I have discussed this with a group of author friends, and we all agreed this was the best response to your inquiry. We love what we do, too, but we cannot afford to do it for free. You see, the trouble with your request, for us, is that when you do visits for free, you potentially lower all fees. Except for the rare bestseller or “living legend,” children’s book writing is not known to be a lucrative profession. Many children’s authors, even those with numerous books from famous publishers, have alternate sources of income: teacher, librarian, newspaper reporter. I’m a freelance graphic artist. Speaking fees help keep us solvent so we can do the thing we truly love: writing books for children.

I know, when you look at the fees per day of some authors, it seems a large sum for “a single day’s work.” Take my own fee, for instance, which is in the moderate range: I charge $900 for a full day of local presentations, (within 50 miles), which I cap at three hour-long presentations. I’ve tried to do more, but — especially since I sing for the younger students — my voice doesn’t hold out for more than that. Doing simple math, 900 dollars seems like a lot of money for “four hour’s work.” But I’m not being paid for just those hours. There’s the travel, of course. There is the time I spend creating a lesson plan. (Every school seems to have different needs and different ways they congregate assemblies. At one school, I might present to one grade at a time; at another, I may do K thru 2 in one session and 3 thru 5 at another. This requires different preparation for the greater age spread.) There’s the correspondence time with the contact person, sometimes running to dozens of emails, the generation of a contract and other materials such as posters for the event.

It’s also true that, while I work from a lesson plan, a school presentation is more like a performance than a teaching session. Most authors, even those who spent years in the classroom as teachers, say the energy-expenditure during a school visit is very different than a day spent in the classroom when they were teachers. I don’t know of any actors who do 4-hour one-man performances, at least not day after day. The physical toll, especially on the vocal chords, is too great.

Now add the hundreds of hours I work every year promoting myself as a speaker: I do unpaid presentations at educator conferences, I maintain my author visit website, (now approaching 700 links; a lot of labor there), I built and now maintain my website & blog, I network, I write articles and supplemental materials for educators to use with my books. That’s before you factor in the years of “apprenticeship” just to become a published author in the first place. And, of course, every hour spent speaking, driving or promoting my services is an hour spent NOT writing a new book. I would argue that you have put in similar amounts of labor, meaning your time is worth something, too.

You are the best person to make that call, of course, so I won’t belabor the point. I do wish you well, and hope to hear from you in the future that you have decided you’d like to be compensated for your work.


Kim Norman”

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