Puddle Pug

PUDDLE PUG Illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi Published by Sterling Children's Books, 2014

Illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi
Published by Sterling Children’s Books, 2014

Published by Sterling Children’s Books

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 2—Adorably irresistible Percy, a puddle-loving pug, makes a map of all the puddles he comes across while searching for the perfect one. He tries swamp puddles, stomp puddles, ready-for-a-romp puddles, foggy puddles, froggy puddles, and deeper—than-a doggy puddles, but none reach perfection. When Percy finds his dream puddle, he sees that it’s already occupied by Mama Pig and her piglets, and he cannot win her acceptance. He tries to blend in, attempts to share a tasty treat, and even uses an underwater route to get to the puddle, but Mama Pig pitches him out. Then, when Petunia goes missing, it is Percy who knows where to find the little piglet. Happy, smiling animals, drawn with pencil and painted digitally, make cameos throughout the story. The pup’s facial expressions are spot-on, and the rhyme and repetition are amusing and fun to read aloud. A beautiful tale of friendship, determination, and perseverance.—H. Islam, Brooklyn Public Library

From Booklist

“Percy is a puddle pug . . . who loves puddles of every sort,” and he thrives on dipping his pudgy paws into squishy, muddy-brown goodness! Indeed, this pup’s dedication goes deep: he creates a detailed puddle map to keep track of all of his favorite mud spots! But although “all of Percy’s puddles are pleasing . . . something is always missing.” When Percy finally locates true puddle perfection (“brown . . . big . . . friendly”), his excitement soon dissolves when a vigilant Mama Pig and her kin make Percy leave! He revisits the puddles on his map and discovers what has been bothering him all along: his puddles “are friendless.” What fun is a puddle without company? Through playful, alliterative sentences, as well as simple rhyme, Norman carries children, alongside Percy, on a curious journey to define home—and the “perfect puddle.” A read-aloud that charmingly explores the depths of friendship, security, and community. Preschool-Kindergarten. —Annie Miller

Available in hardback through your favorite brick & mortar store (they’ll probably need to order it) or online sellers. Also possibly Scholastic paperback with accompanying audio CD, but you’ll need to search the Scholastic website, since availability varies.