Children's book author Kim Norman with Bookie, her snuggle puggle.

Children’s book author Kim Norman with Bookie, her snuggle puggle.

I’m a children’s book author from Virginia. When I’m not writing books, I travel the country doing author school visits, talking about my favorite things: BOOKS! If you haven’t met some of my book characters, I hope you will soon. Characters like that mischievous Wee Piggy, from my picture book I Know a Wee Piggy. Or a funny character like Caribou, who leads his nine arctic friends in a Ten on the Sled race. Soon you’ll meet Willy, the hilarious baby gorilla who imitates other animals in Still a Gorilla, (Orchard/Scholastic) not to mention Scott and his radical robot in The Bot that Scott Built, (Sterling Children’s Books.) Both books will be released this summer (2016.) I can’t wait!

I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, near Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but I’m happy to fire up the car or hop on a plane to share the joy of reading around the country. Stop awhile! Click the photos below or the menu links on the left to learn more about me, my books and my school visits.